Technical Information

Corrosion Protection

External : Protective coatings including HDG as per ISO 12944 and SSPC standards to meet Environmental conditions for durability and warranty requirements
Internal Protection: Coat of hot transformer oil resistance paint.


  • TTP radiators are manufactured with a superior welding system, which prevents leakage and weld contamination.
  • Use of Cold Rolled Tube for header.
  • Superior corrosion protection system proven by long term testings as per ASTMB117, ASTM D5894 and ISO 12944.
  • Can be used in harsh environments for up to 5 to 20 years before repainting, depending on the environment.
  • Larger headers from 100 NB and 150 NB for better oil flow and consequently heat dissipation.
  • An exclusive flushing system is used in order to ensure internal cleanliness.
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