TTP is accredited with ISO 9001-2015 certification for Transformer Radiators and also with ISO 14001-2015, ISO 45001 : 2018 and weld shop with ISO 3834-2 : 2021. TTP Testing facility is NABL Accredited in accordance with the standard ISO/IEC 17025 : 2017. TTP has gained approved supplier status with all the large transformers groups around the world. .

TTP Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

TTP Technologies Pvt. Ltd., (TTP) are manufactures of Transformer Radiators, Which conform to German, European, American and Japanese standards.

TTP has supplied radiators for thousands of power/distribution transformers all over the world.

TTP plants including HDG facility are located in India around Bangalore, the high tech capital of India

TTP has excellent facilities extending over a built up area of 25,000 M² for exclusive fabrication of Transformer Radiators conforming to international standards. The unique designs lead to optimum heat dissipation and corrosion protection in harsh, tropical, coastal and other adverse environments.

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