Manufacturing Facilities

Transformer Radiators with/without Paint

  •   World’s largest Radiator manufacturer in State of the manufacturing facility
  •   Three Hot Dip Galvanising baths with largest bath size to suit Radiators upto 4.5m in length & 40 Panels.
  •   Cutting Plates using robust Laser & Plasma Cutting Machines
  •   Manufacturing machined parts using Special Purpose Machines like Twin Spindle Turning Centre and VMC with Auto Gantry System
  •  Automated the critical processes to ensure consistency in Quality
  •  Introduced Sophisticated ROBOTS in welding to ensure consistency in manufacturing large scale leak proof Radiators.
  •  Developed special purpose machines (SPM) for flow coating application of paint
  •  TTP offers eco-friendly water based paints (without solvents) to different corrosion categories as per ISO 12944-5 as a part of our continuous efforts to reduce emissions from our plants.


  •   We have automated critical processes like welding and painting.
  •   We introduced robots in panel to pipe welding, panel edge welding and welding of accessories to header pipes.

Packing & Dispatch

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